Starting freesshhhh

How in the world has it been two years since I've been on my blog?? Wow, I'm the worst.

Today. Today. TODAY.  Is my start-over. Staring fresh. New header. New posts. New Lizzie? What!

Anyways, this very day, I am redoing my blog and am going to stay active this time. I promise.

So what has Lizzie been up to? Lizzie has been on a wonderful adventure that took her to the beautiful Orange County, California for residency where I was lucky enough to work on some wonderful television shows and movies and wow. My life was cray there for a sec. Now it's boring again. <----- That is a lie tbh. I'm on another adventure, one to live my dream as a writer and social media enthusiast (is that a thing? please tell me it is). This post is all over the place, I'm sorry!! I'm rusty.

Fashion has always been a huge passion of mine and so this blog is going to have LOTS of fashion stuffz. I hope everyone wants to see that, because it's happening. Also, I just made a fashion instagram (@herstylesaysitall) so click the follow button if you want and join me on my new adventure. <3 xoxoxo

P.S pleaasseee tell me how everyone has been! I've missed the blogging community tremendously!