How to spot a real Louis Vuitton

This last week I have spent many hours on Ebay researching the Keepall B 45, my  dream luggage. I have done research after research on this topic in hopes to purchase an authentic one and if it's any consolation, I still haven't made a purchase. It takes a lot of time and energy to go through and compare bags to originals but here are some tips that will hopefully help you, as they have me! 

In this day and age, counterfeit Louis Vuitton bags are all over the place. Not only that, but the work put into counterfeiting has increased tremendously and it can be really hard to tell if you have an authentic bag. 

1 - "D" rings. Authentic Louis Vuitton uses "D" rings a lot and are probably the most common ring used on the bags. 

2 - If it is an older bag, (before the early 90's), the "f" in france, will be LOWERCASE.  In the newer bags, the "F" is capitalized. 

3 - If anywhere on the bag, (luggage tage, stamp, etc) it solely says 'Louis Vuitton', it is not legitimate. A bag will always say 'LOUIS VUITTON, PARIS, made in france, or something along those lines. Also something to be aware of is Louis Vuitton DID make purses elsewhere. Their is a Louis Vuitton line from the USA, and Spain as well. 

4 - Know the product. Check on the actual Louis Vuitton site to make sure the product is actually a product. For example, Louis Vuitton never made a multicolor backpack. 

5 - The font on the stamp is important and if the two T's on Vuitton touch, the bag is not authentic. Also the "O' on Louis, need to be almost perfectly rounded. 

6 - Stitching. The stitching on the bag is VERY important. Louis Vuitton is a high quality name and no authentic bag will have backstitching, stitching from the outside of the bag running through the inside, uneven stitching or anything else that looks low quality. Also, all Louis Vuitton items will have yellow threading coated in beeswax. 

7 - Check out the monogram placement on bag. the LV will always line up and most of the time the logo will be in the middle down the bag, between the two handles. However, there are a few exceptions to his (A couple of the Keepall's and a few others)

All of this being said, the most important thing to remember is that Louis Vuitton is a top notch brand and wouldn't make anything less, so if a bag or wallet seems cheap, it's fake, 

Another thing to be aware of is that these are tips mostly for purchasing online. Most of the bags on Ebay are fake, and if they claim to be from an "outlet" or something along those lines, they are also fake. Purchasing through Louis Vuitton is the only way to confirm 100% that the bag is authentic. 

Love you all! Don't get scammed (: xoxo