19 facts for my 19th birthday!

It is approximately 10:58pm as I write this. That means my birthday is in an hour and two minutes! It is absolutely mind blowing to think that I am turning nineteen years old! Ahh! I feel like such an old lady! 

In honor of my nineteenth birthday, I thought I would do nineteen facts about myself (: 

1- I am 5'5.5 ( the shortest in my family. My Dad is 6'7 and my Mom was 5'8.) 

2- I prefer cold pizza over hot... Any day!

3- Writing is one of my many passions, I sit and write stories, songs, and dialogue during my free time along with my roommates who also have share the love. 

4- I am obsessed with the composition and format (can't think of the actual word for it) of music. When watching movies or listening to music in the car, I will start to dictate the music in my head. 

5- My very secret guilty pleasure is I am actually quite addicted to One Direction. shhhh I only play it in the car when I'm by myself with the windows rolled up. Dead serious. 

6- I have been to 47 states, 23 of them were before I was even 3 years old. I literally grew up on the road. 

7- I wasn't super studious throughout high school, but hey! I'm getting better and I graduated with a 3.5!

8- I have the cutest and sweetest boyfriend on the planet.

9- Sushi sushi sushi. I could eat it for every meal. Sushi runs are a must at least once a week. 

10- Surfing is one of my favorite things to do even though I don't live very close to the beach. 

11- I love hearing stories. I ask my coworkers at Starbucks to tell me stories over the headsets when it's slow and I'm bored. 

12- I hate cake. Especially with frosting. Weird right? 

13- I have an anchor tattoo on my foot in memory of my mother and I love the bible verse Hebrews 6:19. 

14- I have a dimple on my chin and a freckle to the side of it. 

15- I am always cold! I'm that person who wears a sweater in 100 degree weather.

16- I am a barista at Starbucks and have been for a year but this is my last month. Bitter sweet. 

17- I have a light-up Disney princess backpack that I take with me on all my flights. 

18- I used to play guitar and sing at restaurants and coffee shops in St. George and Las Vegas. 

19- I just want to blog for a living. Ha 

What's a random fact about you? Tell me in the comments below! Xoxo 


  1. Happy Birthday love! You have a wonderful blog.

  2. Happy birthday. Great facts, the tattoo sounds interesting. :)
    Fashion Happenss

  3. Happy Birthday! I liked this idea for a post! I might do it for my birthday too in a few weeks! :) I love One Direction too and I do tend to blast their songs while driving ;) haha
    I hope you had a great day!

  4. Aww thank you so much hon! I hope you have a wonderful birthday as well. Your blog is lovely! Xoxo

  5. ohh honey!!! that's so cute *.*
    Do you want to follow each other on instagram? I'm @chicstreetchoc! Thank uuu

  6. Ahh so fun getting to know you--totally wish I had the talent to play guitar!!


    1. Aww you're so sweet! You should pick it up, it's not bad once you get the basics down (:

  7. Happy late birthday! And this is definitely the first time hearing someone hates cupcakes, haha


    1. Thanks so much sweetie! Haha I know, it is really strange, everyone teases me for it!

  8. Happy belated birthday,

    Agree with the sushi, I could eat that stuff all day!


  9. Thank you dear! Sushi is absolutely amazing! I definitely cannot understand how a lot of people don't like it!

  10. Happy belated Birthday!!! That's amazing you've been to 47 states. I need to get on that, see more of the country.

    prosecco in the park

    1. Thank you so much hon! It's definitely worth it to see, each state is so unique and interesting! Good luck xoxo

  11. This was so fun to read!! We are so in love with sushi and could totally do it for every meal. Drooling just thinking about it.

    xx 365hangers

    1. Aww thanks dear! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Sushi is the best. Xoxo

  12. I'm all about Sushi, all day, every day!! Such fun reading this.

    xx Sarah | Loser Girl Wins

  13. Thank you hon! Love your blog! Xoxo