Stay crafty my friends

If you haven't already noticed from other posts, I love being crafty and unique.

Personally, my favorite room in my house is my own bedroom and that is because I've invested time to make it a space that I love! I've gotten a couple emails (thank you so much! I'm glad my blog is getting viewed!) wanting more posts for girly bedroom ideas and so I decided to share with you some of my own! Enjoy! Xoxo

1- I had too much fun making the kiss board. All I did was put on lipstick and practice my kissing. Simple and cute!

2- The poster was actually my uni communications project and it turned out better than expected. Plus, It scored an A!

3- Another school project with happy results. I made this in high school for my fashion class and I use it to store important papers! It was easy to make and super cheap using packing tape as a laminent and random magazines for a collage on construction paper.

4- My mirror is probably one of my favorite objects in my room. I'm not sure where I picked it up from but it is about seven feet tall, four feet wide, beveled, and vintage. Doesn't get a whole lot better than that.... Besides the Christmas lights! There is nothing more relaxing than coming home and just having that gentle lighting! They are perfect and add so much to my bedroom!

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