ThE mAkInG aNd ThE mOrNiNg

I have a fabulous obsession with D.I.Y's, especially if they make my room look better and interesting. So coming across something similar to this gave me a splendid idea, and Bam! Another one of my loner activities.

Step Uno- find a quote, one you preferably like and want others to see... (Self explanatory)

Step Dos- find a magazine, maybe not your mothers gardening magazines though I know it's tempting. (I used an ancient Victoria's Secret catalog)

Step Tres- have at it! Cut the letters of the quote you want and have fun doing it!

~ my quote is Mumford And Sons lyrics and carries a lot of inspiration for me because when I am out of luck, I have to give it to Jesus. ➕

Also, my placement is right above my bedframe. I'll add another picture for an idea.

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