Closing the gap.

Unfortunately the summer as we know it is beginning to come to a close and the dreadful school year is beginning to creep up on us... The feeling is familiar to most people, suddenly the ads on television are back-to-school oriented (we hate you), paperwork is getting filled out, and you are signing up for classes once again. Yikes! I'm even upset to admit, the topic of this post came to me while I was sitting in my school office waiting for them to print out my student I.D card and parking pass. Bleh. I'm sorry.

However, it does get better. This is a list of fabulous last minute hurrahs before we get too overwhelmed with all of the back-to-school nonsense. Number one...

- Glowstick night hike. Yes please. I've coordinated these a few times and they have NEVER disappointed me. There is nothing quite like trekking through nature in neon. It's quite fulfilling. Just be careful.

Expert Tip: Go with a big group. The more the merrier.

- Camping trip! It doesn't matter if it's a location ten hours away or in your backyard, it is always a good time camping with a bunch of friends.

- Beach bonfire. Okay, to be honest, I've never coordinated one or even been to one but I highly doubt it could be awful.

- Zoo adventure. The zoo is a great place to go to get some exercise and to get a little more education. I dare you to try and sneak into one of the animal cages...

- Midnight bowling. Most bowling alleys have cosmic bowling where all the pins and bowling balls glow in the dark. Not only is it a bit more challenging but it also makes a simple activity, a little more interesting.

- Amusement park trip. My roommates and I just put in our time at Lagoon Amusement Park and it was a fabulous adventure. I dare you all to go on at least one ride that you have never gone on (if any).

- Pennyboard/skateboard/longboard through the mall. A couple years back we got a big group to see who could make it to the opposite end of the mall while riding any of the above choices... I'll be honest, I chickened out about 1/16th of the length, though I wasn't one of the many who got banished. Ha 😉

Expert tip: Go with a big group, security can't tackle fifteen people at once... Hmm? Hmm?

- Sporadic road trip. These most often seem to be more fun than the strategically planned ones. Let the wind take you!

- Play on the playground. This really truly might be one of my favorite things to do, ask any of my friends. Anyways, lots of new parks open up and it seems like playgrounds just keep getting bigger and better!

Expert tip: Newer elementary schools is where it's at!

- Do something that YOU want to do. Do something for yourself, take the dance class you've been wanting to (even if it's just once), or buy a sporadic plane ticket to that country you've been dying to visit. Cross at least one thing off your bucket list.

I'm sure you all are a lot more creative than myself but these are just the ones that I could come up with from my experiences. I hope you all are having the best summer yet. Good luck. Xoxo

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