I have a prehistoric laptop, it's lovely. It does what I need it to do... Slowly... But it's teaching me patience.

Anyways... I've spent the last couple days attempting to perfect my latest "loner" activity, (I have to do something while my roommates are away) and this is the progress. It still needs one more coat but you'll get the jist.

Step 1- Buy some really really strong glue. (gorilla glue, rubber cement etc etc) I bought some just at the local grocery store.

Step 2- Brush the glue over whichever part of your laptop you want to be sparkled! (You may need a tooth pick or a small brush for the smaller sections like the leaf if using a Mac.)

Step 3- GLITTER TIME! Just pour it over the glue and go crazy!

Step 4- Once dry, apply another coat of glue on top and repeat if you find it necessary once that coat has dried.

Warning: Glitter will get everywhere. There is glitter all over my house and I was strictly in the living room. Bizarre.

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