Cheapskate haul!

Today my roommate Paris and I decided to trade in some of our old clothes for cute new outfits at Uptown Cheapskate. Uptown Cheapskate is probably my favorite place to shop because 1) it is all used designer clothing for ridiculously cheap prices, and 2) They buy your old clothes and either give you cash, or in-store credit, and if you choose in-store credit then they give you 25% more than they would of have you picked cash. So that's what we did and we both came back with some super cute things! 
This glitter sweater top from Ann Taylor: Loft was 7.99$ 
This cute animal print top (it didn't have a tag for the brand) was only 7.99$ too! 
When I found these darling Tiger leggings I completely jumped on them! Especially because they were only 6.99$ from Shosho. 
Leggings are probably one of my favorite items to buy, so when I saw these adorable galaxy leggings for only 6.99$ as well, I had to grab them! 


  1. That store seems like such a great concept! great haul :)
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  2. Thanks so much lovely! I will check it out! (:

  3. Love the first Sweater

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