Healthy Eats

Eating healthy is a chore/hobby of mine and even though I know the benefits are worth it... It still can be difficult to find and prepare meals. For the last two months I've cut out bread and soda from my diet, along with minimal sugars and it has definitely been a struggle. So hopefully I can help you guys out if eating healthier is something you want to pursue. Here is a small list of what I've been eating for meals, in hopes to give you all some ideas!


- organic vanilla bean yogurt with coconut chips and a slice of pineapple.

- organic sugar free applesauce with Evolution Juice's Super Greens.

- breakfast smoothie: 1 banana, 1 cup of Trader Joe's Power to the greens, 1 cup of pineapple juice, tablespoon of coconut oil, and sometimes I throw in a few carrots for good measure. 😁


- Sandwich salad: lunch meat, pepper jack cheese (or whichever you like the best) and a handful of Trader Joe's Power to the greens.

- Sauteed portobello mushrooms with melted cheese on top.

- Spaghetti O's... Not healthy but come on.


- tuna fish, celery, mayo, and onion powder on cucumbers. (Sub for bread)

- mozzarella cheese, pesto, and kale on sliced tomatoes.

- chili on a baked potato.

Bread alternatives:

- Cucumber slices

- Tomato slices

- red pepper slices

- spinach tortilla

- lettuce leaves

- portobello mushroom slices


Since I've gone without bread and soda I have had so much for energy! I don't feel sluggish or drowsy and my energy level is consistent until bedtime! Not to mention, the benefits over time are endless.


Whenever I go out to eat, I usually get people questioning why I don't eat bread and most of the time they think I'm trying to lose weight, which is followed by "but you are already thin you don't need to give up bread!" But that is not the case, I'm not trying to lose weight, just be healthier. So be prepared to get asked and when you do, use it as an opportunity to spread the word about clean eating! 😊

Here is a picture of my sandwich salad from today. It was superb.

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